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Many Catholic girls receive their first religious jewelry on the occasion of their First Holy Communion. The dainty treasures are worn proudly all that day and then lovingly kept for them by their mothers until the next special occasion. The memories attached to them last a lifetime: the awe of finally participating in the Sacrament, the worry of not eating for an hour before Mass, the excitement of wearing a veil just like a bride’s, the rough feel of the tulle beneath that gleaming white dress, and the joy of being the center of everyone’s attention for a whole day.

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Baptism and Confirmation are also occasions for receiving religious jewelry. Baby are often given tiny bracelets or infinitesimal rosaries, which they finger in awe when they are older, asking numerous questions. At the time of Confirmation, where the candidates get to select their own names, teens spend many hours asking about relatives, and poring over saint books in anticipation of the ceremony that recognizes them as adult Catholics.

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It is traditional, at Confirmation, for them to receive medals of the saints they choose to be their patrons. Other gifts such as gold or silver crosses, miraculous medals, and Holy Spirit pendants are also common. Religious jewelry captures those defining moments of growing up Catholic, holding them in readiness to be remembered again and again.

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Religious jewelry is the perfect gift for those whose lives are guided by their faith. The articles are so much more than ornaments to them. The ring becomes a talisman, the charm a touchstone and the pin a remembrance of all that their religion means to them.

Sometimes we forget that men as well as women can be extremely devout and will appreciate the gift of religious jewelry. Finding a store that carries religious jewelry for a man, though, can be difficult. Here at this site we carry a substantial number of pins, rings, medals and crosses that are masculine in taste as well as large in size.

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The most common sign used in Catholic religious jewelry is the cross or crucifix. All Greek Orthodox Catholics, for example recognize each other by the crosses they wear, as are Roman Catholics identified by their crucifixes. Here, at this store, we have many crosses and crucifixes in various styles, available in gold, white gold and sterling silver, including some exclusive pieces like our diamond cross. Sometimes religious symbols are combined with secular symbols, such as the cross against a heart, to make a distinct religious statement. Together they can mean both the love and sacrifice of Jesus or the love bestowed by the giver in union with that of Jesus.

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Jewish religious jewelry has its own unique symbolism including the Chai, the Mezuzah, the Mizpah friendship coin and the Star of David. The Chai for example is the written Hebrew word for living. Those who are familiar with Judaism, know that it is deeply focused on life and so the Chai is almost a synonym for the spirit of the religion.

The Chai, along with other Jewish jewelry, is available in gold and silver along with a fine collection of chains to choose from to complete your purchase. We have, in addition a lovely pendant that combines the Star of David with the Christian cross, a celebration of two religions in one piece of jewelry.

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Religious jewelry, as well as being a decoration, is a statement of faith. Even those who are unfamiliar with a religion will recognize its symbols and know that the wearer of the jewelry subscribes to a particular faith. Religious jewelry is a silent message and an old friend, a way to declare your personhood and to remind yourself of your origins.

Given as a gift, it will be fondly treasured and the giver remembered as someone who knew you on the inside to the quiet depths of your soul.

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Christian Religious jewelry

Fine Christian Religious jewelry as crosses, holy spirit pendants and more.

Catholic Religious Jewelry

Fine Catholic Religious Jewelry as Crucifixes, saint medals and more.

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14k Gold religious jewelry, many itens are available in 14k gold, white gold, gold filled and sterling silver.

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The Crucifix is popular Religious jewelry for Catholics. we also carry a wide selection of saints, devotional medals and rosaries.

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